Top 10 Security Consulting Companies - 2016

Forcepoint: Delivering Quality Consultation to Counter Cybercrime

Matthew Moynahan, CEO, ForcepointMatthew Moynahan, CEO
With over two decades of experience in the security landscape—serving many reputed organizations, Matthew Moynahan, the CEO of Forcepoint is successfully driving his company to meet the advanced requirements of today’s cybersecurity environment. The current security space is rapidly changing making it extremely hard for global enterprises to spot the right solutions to prevent cyber attacks they are specifically exposed to. The Austin, TX based Forcepoint, with front-line experience across many domains of cyber security, is assisting enterprises in safeguarding their users’ data and networks against security breaches. Through offering clear, actionable guidance—customized to the client situation, the firm suggests transformative cyber security technologies empowering organizations to drive their business forward safely.

The firm helps organizations in addressing strategic and operational concerns around cybersecurity through securely building IT infrastructures. This includes Pre-Implementation Consulting services to employ best practices in designing architectures for data security programs, capable of catering specific client requirements meanwhile avoiding any systems or processes that would lay path for any kind of a security threat. The company suggests the best solution that fits the client requirements through pre-installation checklists and flowcharts. To ensure the capability of implemented systems for handling network traffic, the Post-Implementation Consulting services helps enterprises with secure traffic monitoring and configure web reporting. Further, Forcepoint also suggests a complete expert knowledge for policy and user creation.

In addition, Forcepoint also offer Security Intelligence Consulting services which suggests enterprises with best practices to achieve real-time capability to anticipate, detect and prevent latest and most sophisticated malware and data theft attacks. The firm’s customized Threat Intelligence Report provides information about critical threats impacting enterprises through in-depth analysis of security breaches detected over a period of time and cross-correlating with known threat intelligence, threat landscape information and industry or geo-telemetry.

Through offering a clear, actionable guidance—customized to the client situation, Forcepoint suggests transformative cyber security technologies empowering organizations to drive their business forward safely

The telemetry system can provide enterprises with detailed information on current URL classifications, historical association and perform expert security analysis of whitelist, blacklist, and third-party feeds to recommend actionable and effective methods of minimizing risks.

Forcepoint’s in-depth knowledge in the security landscape has guided many large organizations to overcome challenging issues. At one instance, the Arizona Financial Crimes Task Force (AZFCTF) established to investigate and prohibit money laundering activities was challenged with processing and analyzing an overwhelming amount of data—though a centralized searchable database for financial transactions were deployed. As the sheer volume of transaction data far exceeded the capability and volume capacity of the typical database software, finding the incriminating data and detecting money laundering patterns across the financial industry became extremely difficult. Even a simple query took hours or days to complete. Forcepoint helped the client build a turnkey analytical solution, customized for the varied user community of federal agents, analysts, state and local detectives as well as money services business regulators. For each of these stakeholders, the solution delivered complete management of the environment from data ingestion to delivery of actionable analytics. It eased the overall management of the financial transactions environment also enabling queries to be returned in a matter of seconds instead of hours and days.

Apart from the consulting services, the firm also offers an array of solution to enable varied types of cyber security programs for network security and compliance. Over the past years, Forcepoint has served various industries stay secured from cyber attacks and is continuously evolving and developing to face the dynamic security landscape today and in the days to come.