Top 10 Security Consulting Companies - 2016

Optiv: Aligning Security Strategy with Business Objectives

Dan Burns, CEO, OptivDan Burns, CEO
Day by day, the competition is becoming fierce between system intruders and security professionals to attain their goals. Information threats have impelled companies to refine their security programs and vendors to offer holistic solutions. Well-laid strategy plays crucial role in addressing security threats and exploits, but its development necessitates rummaging through myriad options to zero in on perfect combination of service, technology, and solution. In such scenario, security consultants with expertise in developing security plan that envelops safeguarding of data, infrastructure, and applications, emerge as the best option for partnership. Experience and expertise in security arena empowers Denver, CO based Optiv to help clients with end-to-end cyber security solutions to achieve business objectives. “Our sole focus is to provide market-leading expertise, solutions and services that will help companies successfully solve their security challenges,” says Dan Burns, CEO of Optiv.

Optiv commences comprehensive security program development on the problem, project, and program level as a first step towards assisting clients to help them in attaining business goals. Experts from Optiv, with more than 20 years of experience, analyze existing program structure and prioritize safeguarding issues. Team Optiv zeroes in on adhoc threats and records them as a part of security fortification exercise. The firm evaluates risks, compliance issues, and security measures and manages key initiatives and projects in accordance with the plan. The company crafts business oriented strategy, prioritized roadmap, and a brief view of implications after enacting recommendations. To guide the client through thick and thin, Optiv offers access to senior information security executives and also assigns an advisor, who addresses client’s needs. The company collaborates with clients to optimize performance by augmentation of skills.

The security solutions company addresses new vulnerabilities arising from system unification after merger or acquisition.

Our sole focus is to provide market-leading expertise, solutions and services that help companies successfully solve their specific security challenges

Optiv’s enterprise planning group assesses the systems of both organizations and draws a roadmap to assist clients in yielding maximum return from existing technology. The firm’s risk professionals determine gaps and target remediation plans to ensure continuity and project success. The company also appraises clients’ system integration efforts, guides in managing system consolidation, and ascertains processes and technologies to keep their environment secure. Optiv manages information security issues across multiple environments to link data management, information resources, and security considerations.

In one of the instances, a convenience store chain, with operations in more than 350 locations, sought information security strategy to safeguard its customers’ financial data. Making payment card data invulnerable and IT administration of remote systems effectual were the goals for Optiv. The company ascertained and deployed web-filtering solution to monitor and impede inappropriate internet activity. Optiv also installed remote access IT management to administer the Point of Sales (POS) system. Subsequently, the client could prune the risk of data breaches and ensure customer information security. The convenience store chain improved compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements, heightened its IT efficiency, and optimized resource utilization.

In the journey so far, Optiv has helped clients with its expertise in cyber security strategy, managed security services, incident response, risk and compliance, and integration and architecture services. Optiv has partnered with more than 300 leading security technology manufacturers to discern and adopt technology and advances. As terms like “security exploits”, “hacks”, and “cyber espionage” are becoming integral part of our digital life, opportunities to grow and deliver innovative solutions are immense for Optiv.