Top 10 Security Consulting Companies - 2016

Secure Ideas: Securing Business by Exposing Vulnerabilities

CIO VendorKevin Johnson, CEO
As complexity reigns over the security landscape, businesses lack comprehensive control over their IT infrastructure. With little visibility into the systems and architecture, they struggle to ensure business continuity in the face of attacks. Heading a team of security experts, Kevin Johnson, the CEO of Secure Ideas, is addressing business’ security concerns by scrutinizing their business processes, infrastructure, and data. With decades of experience in building incident response, forensic teams, and architecting solutions for large businesses, Johnson leverages his experience to ensure clients are better positioned to combat any incidence. Through its security consulting, penetration testing (pen test), vulnerability assessments (Scout), and training, Secure Ideas provides recommendations to secure business— holistically.

Secure Ideas performs pen tests and Incident Response to discover flaws, analyze the network traffic providing clients with better visibility across the networks, data, and the infrastructure. The security consultants at Secure Ideas collaborate with client’s workforce to execute pen tests encompassing network, web applications, mobile, wireless, and physical. By identifying and prioritizing the security risks in their business environment, businesses can make better security decisions. “We explain to the client’s staff as to how we do the test, the reason for using certain techniques, and the way the results need to be evaluated,” says Kevin Johnson, CEO, Secure Ideas. Equipped with this knowledge, businesses can themselves assess their enterprise network, applications, and configuration management settings to verify and improve their security posture at every stage of their product development and configuration changes.

As an illustration, one of Secure Ideas’ clients had a large number of vulnerabilities in its IT environment when the security consulting company was first hired to assess its IT resiliency. By gaining the knowledge from Secure Ideas in executing a pen test, the client has been successful in checking the vulnerabilities significantly.

Secure Ideas’ approach in security consulting revolves around building close collaboration with clients while securing their IT infrastructure and in-turn, their business.

By having security testing integrated into their development lifecycle, change management, and purchasing process, businesses can save big money

“We interact with project managers, developers, and discuss their security concerns as we build recommendations and develop security roadmaps for them,” asserts Johnson.

Businesses end up allocating resources on various testing tools year on year to secure their infrastructure. However, as changes to the software are made far more frequently, these businesses stand exposed to a wide array of potential vulnerabilities. To secure enterprise networks, applications, and data, Secure Ideas provides Scout, a suite of vulnerability assessment services driven by automated scanning and detailed reporting capabilities. Secure Ideas embeds security testing into its application testing services that secures the business processes with Incident Response, monitoring, and visibility across the enterprise network. As such, any vulnerability, misconfiguration, and other threats lurking in the business environment are reported instantly to the teams who can take swift actions to thwart untoward incidents. “The sooner we find the vulnerability in the application development process, the cheaper it is to fix that vulnerability,” points Johnson. “By having security testing integrated into their development lifecycle, change management, and purchasing process, businesses can save big money.”
Moreover, with recent increase in cloud adoption, “many businesses don't have the knowledge to use cloud securely,” says Johnson. In this regard, Secure Ideas is introducing an online training course that helps businesses gain the knowledge about ways to architect cloud solutions securely.

With strong conviction in its security consulting capabilities, Secure Ideas looks forward to educate and empower more businesses, enabling them to secure their infrastructure effectively. The company is soon launching new security training programs where user awareness training is taken to the individual level in an organization.