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Top 10 SIEM Solution Companies - 2019

There is a technological battle going on between organizations and malicious actors trying to steal data. In the eternal faceoff between the light and dark, it is technology itself that is both shield and sword. Developments in cyber security have created a reality where SIEMs need to get better at the effective detection of/and response to targeted attacks and breaches. Security teams might think they can build their own analytics-driven SIEMs to suit this, and will often use a combination of products to create a platform that offers a range of capabilities for data collection, management and analytics. Subsequently, flexible delivery models can reinforce the organization’s security nerve center.

Solutions will need to go beyond simple detection and response to address advanced threats, which scales and secures an enterprise’s journey to the cloud, providing deep insight into the security ecosystem and application. Leaders in this space are already investing more and more in supporting a diverse range of business and technical requirements, especially when it comes to integration with third parties/vendors, improved workflow, automation and scalability. This and the growing popularity of IoT solutions and connected devices has further boosted the penetration of IT solution across major industrial and service sectors. As a result, the significant presence of IT systems and solutions coupled with large exposure to various devices results in effective and efficient management of cyber security posture of the organization.

Thus, the organization has spent heavily towards minimizing the potential vulnerabilities and containment of immediate unauthorized access and breach of data. Also, the growing sophistication of cyber threats coupled with a large number of alerts and events notification has created a strong demand for the robust and efficient market for various security-related solutions. Also, the massive cyber security attacks targeting various critical utilities and organization has swung the various international agencies into action for improved corporation towards developing superior solutions capable of mitigating such threats. It is estimated that the total spending on enterprise security was estimated around 98 billion in 2017, and expected to have high year-on-year growth during the forecast period.

Moreover, the continuous organization inclination towards improved security posture, due to their data sensitivity in sectors such as BFSI, government, defense, educational institutes, utilities and industrial among other sectors are also anticipated to drive the growth of the Security Information and Event Management market during the forecast period. To help business providers in selecting promising plastic tech solutions, a distinguished panel of prominent marketing specialists and analysts, along with Enterprise Security Magazine’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted the start-up companies offering pioneering technology solutions in the SIEM industry. This listing gives a comprehensive understanding of solutions that can be implemented to optimize your business process. We present to you, our Top 10 SIEM Solution Providers 2019.

    Top SIEM Solution Companies

  • NXLog is a generic log collector and centralization tool with an open source log management system to manage the quality of data for SIEM. It is used by thousands of customers worldwide from small startup companies to large security enterprises and has over 70,000 downloads to date. NXLog makes Windows Event logs easy to read and interpret, while being less time-consuming and error-free. The SIEM solution provider is able to parse the event logs into readable JSON formatted logs. With a strong background in UNIX systems, NXLog remains platform neutral, benefitting the enterprise clients significantly

  • Alert Logic

    Alert Logic

    Alert Logic provides Security-as-a-Service solutions that secure the application and infrastructure stack of the cloud. Alert Logic seamlessly connects an award-winning security platform, cutting-edge threat intelligence, and expert defenders – to provide the best security and peace of mind for businesses 24/7, regardless of their size or technology environment. More than 4,000 organizations rely on Alert Logic SIEMless™ Threat Management to ensure the right level of security and compliance coverage at a lower total cost than point solutions, SIEM tools, or traditional security outsourcing vendors. Founded in 2002, Alert Logic is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices in Austin, Seattle, Dallas, Cardiff, Belfast, London and Cali, Colombia

  • Awake Security

    Awake Security

    Awake Security is an advanced network traffic analysis company that delivers a privacy-aware solution capable of detecting and visualizing behavioral. When the concept of a brain-like security solution—one that can think, sense, learn, and adapt—arose, it was a lofty idea that many believed would never work. Awake had a vision of a cerebral network traffic analysis solution that could stay ahead of today’s complex cyber threats. With the help of more than 200 enterprise security teams, the concept was developed, refined, tested, and perfected. Using analytics, AI, and machine learning in innovative ways, Awake solutions can uncover behaviors and threats that are invisible to existing technologies

  • BlackStratus


    BlackStratus is a provider of cloud-based security information and event management software solutions. Since 1999 BlackStratus has been providing reliable and innovative security information event management (SIEM) products and services. With many years of experience with the world’s leading managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprises, BlackStratus is able to offer the most highly evolved security and compliance management software. BlackStratus also offers unparalleled support to help MSPs develop new or improve their current security-as-a-service business. BlackStratus is the trusted security and compliance platform that protects millions of devices and thousands of customers around the globe. Its enterprise class technology solution is deployed and operated on premise, in the cloud, or as a service at an affordable cost. Through their patented software based multi-tenant security information and event management (SIEM) technology, BlackStratus delivers unparalleled security visibility, prevents costly downtime, and achieves and maintains compliant operations at a lower cost to operate

  • CorreLog


    CorreLog specializes in providing the most comprehensive Security & Compliance software at the industry’s lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Correlog solutions help secure data across both mainframe and distributed operating systems, and provide alerts with notifications in real-time to security and network operations resources. CorreLog has worked with companies across Fortune 500 to SMB class who all benefit from our ease of installation and highly interoperable approach to building software that is simple to use and master out of the box. Correlog customers are up and running with monitoring and alerts within just a few hours, versus weeks or even months with competing enterprise vendor solutions. Its agent monitoring technology spans from Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac, SAP, and databases all the way up to the largest mainframes with running IBM® z/OS®, Linux on z Systems, IBM® Db2, IBM® IMS™, and IBM® z/VM

  • Devo


    Devo unlocks the full value of machine data for the world’s most instrumented enterprises by putting more data to work now. With Devo, IT executives finally realize the transformational promise of machine data to drive breakthrough projects that move the entire business forward. Founded as Logtrust in 2011 in Madrid, Spain, there are now 190+ Devos across, Massachusetts, Madrid, and in locations in the UK, Brazil, and across the US–all passionate about helping customers gain real-time actionable insight from their data, at petabyte scale. From the largest financial services companies, to global telecoms, to world-wide security organizations, Devo collects trillions of events every day to help customers speed time to action and gain the insight they need to drive their businesses

  • Exabeam


    Exabeam develops and distributes security intelligence platform that helps organizations detect, analyze and respond to cyber threats. Exabeam, epowers enterprises to detect, investigate and respond to cyber attacks more efficiently so their security operations and insider threat teams can work smarter. Security organizations no longer have to live with excessive logging fees, missed distributed attacks and unknown threats, or manual investigations and remediation. With the Exabeam Security Management Platform, analysts can collect unlimited log data, use behavioral analytics to detect attacks, and automate incident response, both on-premises or in the cloud

  • Foregenix


    Foregenix offers a range of security products that are built to fit seamlessly into the day-to-day running of every business. Security is in Foregenix’s DNA, and they've harnessed their experience within the PCI and Payments Security space to create customizable and user-friendly tools that are managed by a team of Threat Intelligence Analysts - so users can get on with growing their business. Foregenix monitors and protects websites against the latest threats affecting online businesses - constantly updated by their forensic research from investigations of criminal activity, from simple hacks to sophisticated cyber attacks by malicious hackers

  • LogicHub


    LogicHub is a security intelligence automation platform that captures and automates human security analysts intelligence and prioritizes threats. LogicHub is the world’s most intelligent and complete security automation platform for Threat Hunting, Alert Triage, and Incident Response. Founded by veterans of SIEM, LogicHub is built on the groundbreaking principle that every decision process for threat detection and response can be automated. Our founders recognized that legacy solutions mostly created more noise, thus hindering effective threat detection. They set out to solve this problem by creating an automation platform that doesn’t just orchestrate workflows, it actually mimics the cognitive and intuitive skills of expert analysts to automate decision making

  • Sumo Logic

    Sumo Logic

    Sumo Logic is a cloud-based platform that offers log management and real-time data analytics services for businesses. It creates the leading machine data analytics platform that delivers continuous intelligence for modern applications. Sumo Logic is putting the power of machine data analytics in the hands of everyone by unifying all data types, enabling universal access and leveraging cloud economics – all from a single, unified platform delivered and consumed as a service. The company deliver continuous intelligence – real-time insights delivered as a service across multiple use cases – from one single, cloud-native platform